Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

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Nest Children Centre, Shanzu

The Nest Children Centre is a kindergarten, or rather a pre-school facility, established in January by Mama Janet, a local retired teacher, to help children prepare for the challenges of school. In Kenya kindergartens are completely different than in Europe, they are rather preparatory schools. By the time the children go to school – in theory – they are supposed to know the alphabet and numbers, must be able to read words and add single digit numbers. They learn all this at school. (You may find more information about the Kenyan school system here.)   As this is the private

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Sponsor is needed for Marveline

Marveline Bosibori has a drunkard and irresponsible father who never cares to take his upkeep duties of his family. Agnes, the mother works as an usher in the local church and actually finds it difficult to meet all the basic needs of the family since she earns less than a dollar per day. She is barely at home in time and the children sometimes sleep hungry making them not to come to school the following day.   Marveline is in class 7, she likes singing, dancing and playing football, and she wants to be a nurse.   If you wish

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Sponsor is needed for Blessing

Unfortunately the current Hungarian sponsor cannot support Blessing Akinyi in the future thus we are looking for a new sponsor or one-off donators for her.   Blessing Akinyi is an orphan. Both her parents died leaving her and his brother (Erick Agwingi) in the hands of a drunkard aunt who never cared about them and could drink local illicit brew and smoke marijuana all day in front of the kids. B.C.C decided to rescue Blessing and her brother from the hands of their drunkard aunt so that they could not be infected by the behaviour of drinking at their early age.

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