Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

We participated the Africa Days event

Last weekend (September 12-14) we participated the Africa Days event as exhibitors, organized in the Millenáris Park, Budapest. It has become a tradition that NGOs and enterprises who work on projects in Africa may introduce themselves at the co-event of the Language Parade event. For us this was the first opportunity to participate the event with our Africa program.

Our stand was decorated with African jewelry, small articles for personal use and we informed visitors on our activities, the symbolic adoption program and our planned projects. On Sunday at noon our volunteer who just arrived back from Africa gave a presentation on our efforts with the use of own photographs. The most popular decoration items in our stand were the samburu necklace (worn by young girls to be married soon), the bao game (traditional Kenyan game) and a recycled elephant (made from slippers collected at the local beach). We were given several offers for the elephant but we could not give away the colorful, merry-looking elephant. Although we do promise to bring some more from our next visit to Kenya. 🙂 We raised HUF 13,500 donation at the event and in return we were happy to distribute Kenyan handmade bracelets and necklaces.

Saturday was the busiest day when we had visitors almost all the time. Some were just looking around but others were asking for specific details, mostly in relation to our symbolic adoption program. We do hope that these people will soon contact us so that we can support more and more children.

We thank for the organizers for the opportunity to be there and we also thank the visitors for their questions and interest in our efforts. We had a great time and hope that next year we will be there again. 🙂