Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

Update Report from Boston, 7 Aug 2015

Update report from Laurence Webb, the representative of Rotary Australia’s Kenyan Kinship program, who spent 3 weeks in Boston schools, sleeping and living in the high school together with the kids.


The primary school had the best results of the 48 SCHOOLS IN THE AREA. They have improved every year, and the mid-year exam results show yet more improvement.  I took Daniel the headmaster and his 13 teachers to Mombasa as I promised 5 years ago I would. They are a stable and motivated team.

The irrigated vegetable garden is a big success and they even sell excess food.

The new rescue home built by Wings of support from Holland above the pre-primary school is a big improvement.  They now have e-learning from a TV and DVD player and we spent a few evenings watching movies. They seemed like a big happy family and won my heart.

It is Africa, so nothing works quite as you expect, but you can be sure your sponsorship is paying for the school items they need, a feeding program and a really good education

What your sponsorship has enabled is the best education comes from the poorest slum in the area.

At least the World Bank have just put sewerage in!


Onto the secondary school

The raising of the security wall is complete from our fundraiser in March, thanks to sponsors Matt, David and Mirinda who took part. The parents are now satisfied about the safety of their children and so am I. 42 girls board at the secondary school and 42 boys board 50 yards away at the hostel. To my surprise the boarding program is really popular with parents and the children.

I slept at the school. Every morning they rise at 4.30 at their own choice.  At 4.55 there was a rumbling like a heard of wildebeest as the boys arrive. At 5am they are all studying, as they do from 7 to 9pm, then the boys go home.

The boys are respectful and well behaved even when they don’t know I am there, I am really impressed.  The girls are delightful, competing to wash my clothes and asking about the volunteers from previous visits.

I am so proud of them, and their dedication and determination to succeed, it makes it all worthwhile.

The practice exam results indicate that half of the 31 GRADUATING students will get the A’s and B’s needed to get a government loan for university, against a national average of 15%


So again, your sponsorship is enabling the best education for the poorest children. I took the form 4 children to university to inspire them. It is a really nice place with a great lifestyle.

So this is still a new school, and it has growing pains, yet it is a success way beyond our dreams of 5 years ago.

When I go back in July next year with volunteers I expect 15 CHILDREN to have government sponsored places in university and for their sponsors, their job is done. And their example will change the slum forever.”