Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

Who are we?

AfRoho AfRoho is VitaFutura Fund’s programme in Africa. VitaFutura is committed to support environment protection, rural areas and disadvantaged people while maintaining social and financial equal opportunities in Hungary and abroad alike. Within the frame of this we focus on reducing wasteful consumption and the mitigation of consumer societies’ globally negative impact, like the increasing gap between the rich and poor, global climate change, food-, and water crisis etc.

Our African programme focuses on the fulfillment of the latter objectives. Within the frame of the AfRoho programme we would like to complete donation and development programmes, primarily through education and helping African countries to manage their most urging problems.

Currently we provide support for a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school (jointly: Boston schools) in Matopeni, in a slum in Kenya’s capital:

  • within the frame of our “symbolic adoption” programme one may directly sponsor the children in need (to fund their schooling expenses);
  • by way of finding supporters and collecting donations we also support the institution’s development projects (children’s home, food programme, chemistry laboratory, etc.);
  • besides, we operate and manage the schools’ websites.

In the foreseeable future we plan to launch further programmes in other rural areas of Kenya to improve children’s lives.

The beneficiary institutions, groups are carefully selected via reliable, personal relations to ensure that donations are used at the best place to fulfill our objectives. In line with the above we keep contact with the Boston schools – on a day-to-day basis – and we have visited the institution personally. Personal relationships and reliability are of key importance when designing future programmes.


Why Africa?

BCC kidsAs private persons we have been supporting orphans and poor children in Matopeni. With the use of our donations the children could go to school, buy school uniforms and other accessories (books, exercise books, pencils) and could have a warm meal every day. Education is the only way out from hopelessness and gives hope for a better life. “In return” of the donation we were regularly informed on their progress school, they sometimes sent us letters or drawings and we could send them gifts. We really liked this form of donation because on the one hand as donators we felt that we do something good and do have an effect on the children’s life and on the other hand – owing to the direct support and continuous feedback – we felt closer to them – even if we never met them in person.

However, the coordinating organization abruptly ceased to exist without a legal successor so we were left without children to be supported and the children – more than sixty – were left without donators. Some of the donators contacted the school and continued the support. After a while – mainly to reduce costs – we joined our efforts and started to transfer money together.

Self-organized activities on the other hand do have their downside, while official forms of operation may have advantages, so we started to think about how we should continue our efforts. As VitaFutura Fund’s volunteers it was evident that we continue our work within the legal frame of the Fund. This solution is on the one hand very effective from an administration and financial point of view and on the other hand other African funding programmes have very similar objectives as AfRoho (i.e. to mitigate the negative effects of globalization).


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