Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

One-off donations

If you can or do not want to undertake a long term – or a one year – commitment you may give one-off donations.Ebéd utáni mosogatás

In the case of one-off donations we expect financial support in the first place, because:

  • AfRoho is VitaFutura Fund’s program in Africa. VitaFutura is committed to support environment protection, rural areas and disadvantaged people while maintaining social and financial equal opportunities.
  • In the case of financial support we spend the donation locally, therefore:
    • we do not pollute the environment with transportation,
    • the money spent supports the Kenyan economy, helps economic growth, gives jobs to parents, generate taxes thereby improve the state’s education budget and the children’s future opportunities.

Sometimes we seek tangible property donations – besides money – where we take environment protection issues into account (e.g. we seek second hand or recycled items). Such donation requests are circulated in dedicated notifications.
404_BCC v_GFOne-off donations are not dedicated to a specific child and incoming sums are spent on unsponsored children and to finance development projects or food programmes in the school or local communities – based on actual needs and our other resources.
In such cases donators do not receive feedback – e.g. copy of the school report book, letter, drawings – however, if sponsors give their consent, in our newsletter we send regular information about our activity in Africa and the results of the supported programmes. Should you be interested, please indicate your willingness to sponsor (either preliminarily or subsequent to transferring your donation) and send us your contact information – at least your name and e-mail data – to the [email protected] e-mail address.
In the case of one-off donations – similarly to regular sponsoring – you may pay in cash or with wire transfer alike.

If you wish to pay in cash, please call us at +36-30-708-4440 or send an email to [email protected] címen.

If you choose bank transfer, please send it to VitaFutura Kh. Please send your donations to the Fund’s below bank account. In the “comments” section please indicate the „AFET” code and your name – together with your tax code, e.g. „AFET John Doe 123456789”. Our bank account number:

MagNet Bank Zrt. 16200199-11526302