Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

Symbolic adoption

“Symbolic adoption” (“Adopt me!”) is a type of support where you undertake, as a symbolic adopter, to financially support the schooling of a child in need by way of sponsoring the child at a frequency of your choice. You can select the sponsored child from our database.School girl

With the help of the programme and an affordable contribution – starting from HUF 1,000 per month – you may change a child’s life in Kenya and give a chance for a better future. In Kenya – mainly in city slums and rural areas – many children just can not afford to go to school. For them only external support – line “Symbolic adoption” – is the only chance to learn and to have a better life than their parents.

In spite that the adoption is only symbolic and the majority of the sponsors will probably never meet the sponsored child one may follow the child’s progress in school, because:

  • in every four months you will receive a copy of the sponsored child’s school report book,
  • from time to time you will receive a letter from the child (or a copy of it) (if you pay for the base or full monthly fee),
  • from time to time you may send gifts and a personal message to the sponsored child,
  • if you want and can afford it you may visit the school or the sponsored children in Kenya.

Why is it important?
“Symbolic adoption” really help a lot and gives a real chance for the children in need.

Your donation helps to live a better life in a country, where

  • education is free of charge but due to auxiliary expenses (school uniform, books, travel, etc.) and poverty – the majority of people earn less than 1 USD per day – the majority of children can not afford to go to school;
  • unemployment rate is 40% and more than 40% of the population lives under the so called poverty line (i.e. under the minimum satisfactory level);
  • the number of HIV positive adults is above 6% and 90 persons die every day in AIDS (or in related diseases) therefore hundreds of children are left as orphans or semi orphans.

Education helps children to have better jobs as adults and besides their own lives they also make their country’s life better that eventually leads to a better world.


About the programme
Within the frame of our “Symbolic adoption” programme you can sponsor a specific child in need by undertaking to pay the relevant schooling expenses. During the child’s growth you will continuously receive information about the sponsored child’s progress at school. You may choose the child who you want to sponsor.

Ovis lányDonations paid within the frame of symbolic adoption cover the following costs:

  • Tuition fee: charged by the given school for tuition or education, including examination fees in the third grade and part of the social worker’s fees or school maintenance costs and potential other fees. In the case of secondary school students the tuition fee specified by the school includes 1 meal per day.
  • Uniform: shoes, socks, uniform (trousers/skirt/dress/shirt/ pullover), shoeshine set and part of the social worker’s fee and school maintenance costs.
  • Stationery items: exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, compass set for children in higher classes and part of the social worker’s fee and school maintenance costs.
  • Feeding: 1 meal per day (in Nairobi it is provided by the school whereas in Kowuor – as children come from several schools – their homes are supported) and part of the social worker’s fee and school maintenance costs. (At high school the tuition fee includes 1 meal per day thus no separate fee is charged for meals.)
  • Sanitation: soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste, towels, toilet paper, disposable sanitary pads for girls and part of the social worker’s fee and school maintenance costs.
  • Healthcare: donations are paid to the so called Healthcare Fund that covers medical care and medicines whenever necessary. Resources not used within the frame of the Fund’s healthcare services are spent of prevention (e.g. water purification tablets, mosquito nets).
  • Basic fee: tuition fee, uniforms, schooling equipment and meals jointly.
  • Total fee: basic fee, sanitation and healthcare jointly.

The calculated fee contains all annual costs of the above mentioned fee elements so symbolic adoption is undertaken for one year and – unless otherwise provided – is prolonged with another year. Currently this is the only option, however, you may make payments in various intervals (monthly or semi-annually). You may join the programme during the year – in this case please make a full year donation if possible.

Within the frame of the symbolic adoption you may support orphans – semi orphans or very poor family’s children in Kenya in two places at the moment:

  • in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, in the Matopeni slum where – nursery, primary and high school – kids from Boston Schools Matopeni can be supported, and
    in Kowuor area at Lake Victoria, Western Kenya where – nursery, primary and high school – kids from public schools of the area can be supported via our local partner organizations (SARE SEEP).

The programme is based upon personal relationships: we have been in a direct contact with the Nairobi school for years, and with the SARE SEEP for more than a year and we work together on different projects. We communicate with both of them on a daily basis, we have been in both places and plan further visits in the future as well.

Please note:
The programme is a symbolic adoption that does not mean actual, legal adoption of the child and generally there is no personal connection with the sponsored children nor with their families. You may visit the school or the Kowuor organization and the sponsored child – at you own cost – in Kenya and you may send gifts or letters, however, the programme does not require direct and personal relationship with the sponsored child.

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If you can or do not want to undertake a long term – or a one year – commitment you may give one-off donations >>