Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

We are looking for a sponsor for Harriet

Harriet is a very bright girl coming from a humble family. She was one of the top performers in the Grade 8 in 2019 and she has talent and potential to be among the top students in high school too. However, her parents cannot afford paying her school fees and uniform, stationary etc.
The mother relies on occasional menial jobs to earn a living, while the father works as a casual labourer. The little they get is insufficient to put food on the table for the family of five leave alone the girl’s high school fees and other necessities.

After she finished class 8, Harriet offered to do light house duties for a lady in the neighbourhood to keep herself busy during December school break. During this time the lady discovered Harriet’s potential, intelligence and hard work and offered to educate her upon realizing that her family was not in a position to do so. Thanks to her generosity Harriet has been learning in form one until schools were shut down due to COVID in March 2020.

Unfortunately, Harriet did not join the school after the reopening in January. On enquiry, the school learnt that the lady who was helping her lost her job during the pandemic, had to move back to her rural home and cannot help Harriet any longer.
Harriet urgently needs a sponsor to be able to continue her studies and make her dream of becoming a journalist come true.

If you wish to help her in fulfilling her dream, you can help her permanently via our Symbolic adoption program or offering one-off donations till we can find a long term sponsor for her. Find more information about our “Adopt me – Symbolic adoption” program on our website:

If you have any questions or wish to help her, please contact us at [email protected].

Visit to Shanzu Kindergarten, March 12 2018

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Changes in Shanzu kindergarten

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Visit to Shanzu Kindergarten (Feb 2018)

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Sponsors needed for Shanzu Kindergarten

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Sponsors needed urgently for Shanzu Kindergarten

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Sponsor is needed for Marveline

Marveline BosiboriMarveline Bosibori has a drunkard and irresponsible father who never cares to take his upkeep duties of his family. Agnes, the mother works as an usher in the local church and actually finds it difficult to meet all the basic needs of the family since she earns less than a dollar per day. She is barely at home in time and the children sometimes sleep hungry making them not to come to school the following day.


Marveline is in class 7, she likes singing, dancing and playing football, and she wants to be a nurse.


If you wish to support Marveline permanently or with one-off donations, please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks a lot.

Sponsor is needed for Blessing

Blessing AkinyiUnfortunately the current Hungarian sponsor cannot support Blessing Akinyi in the future thus we are looking for a new sponsor or one-off donators for her.


Blessing Akinyi is an orphan. Both her parents died leaving her and his brother (Erick Agwingi) in the hands of a drunkard aunt who never cared about them and could drink local illicit brew and smoke marijuana all day in front of the kids. B.C.C decided to rescue Blessing and her brother from the hands of their drunkard aunt so that they could not be infected by the behaviour of drinking at their early age. They both leave in the rescue home now.

Blessing is in class 3 and a very clever girl. She likes playing football and wants to be a pilot.


If you wish to support Blessing permanently or with one-off donations, please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks a lot.


UPDATE: fortunately, we managed to find new sponsor for Blessing, however there are still many kids looking for sponsor, anyone who wish to help is very welcome.

Our ‘Shamba – Garden in Africa’ project has started

On 17 April we officially started our ‘Shamba – Garden in Africa’ project as we had a look and walked around the plot to decide about the implementation. We keep you updated as we further proceed with the project.


More information about the project >>


Photos of our plot-watching:

Creative workshop in Boston

On March 11 one of our volunteers – Móni B. or as we call her “the other Móni” 🙂 – visited the Boston kindergarten in Kenya and organized a creative workshop.
Kenyan kindergartens are very different to those in Europe: Kenyan children learn there as in schools from the age of 3 (sleeping after lunch on their desks 🙁 ) and start writing and reading right from the beginning. However, they do not develop their manual skills at all with drawing, playing with Play-Doh or using scissors. (Naturally there are exceptions, mainly private nursery schools, where the education is not “school-style”, but the majority of kindergartens are rather pre-school institutions).

Although, as you can see in the pictures, local children do enjoy these activities and are very enthusiastic about painting, drawing, cutting and gluing away their whole afternoon …


All children and their teachers took part in the program and enjoyed it very much. Based on the success of the program we would like to continue the creative workshops in the Boston school and – as much as we can – in other Kenyan kindergartens as well.


Our Dutch partners will support the workshops with coloring books, color pencils, crayons, water paint, kid’s scissors, but we still need further financial help as well. If you would like to support our workshops you may do so with wire transfer or using PayPal. For further details, please visit here.


Should you have questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].