Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

Boston Rescue Home

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Our Kenyan partner, the Boston Schools in Matopeni slum is running a Rescue Home to accommodate needy kids who are orphaned or live too far from the school to be able to commute every day.

The Rescue Home was started in 2009 when three children lost their both parents – due to HIV/AIDS – and another one lost her mother – due to throat cancer – and as their extended family members were not willing to accommodate them in their homes, they had feared becoming street children. Then Boston decided to take care of them and established the Rescue Home.

At the moment there are 18 children in the Rescue Home, those who are the neediest.


This year (at the beginning of 2015) the children could move to a new building.  With the help of the Wings of Support a new floor was built on top of the kindergarten that currently works as the Rescue Home. Besides the rooms of the children and their caretakes (Susan), taking care of the kids 24 hours a day, the building has a kitchen where Susan cooks their meal every day. With the completion of the new building the operation and maintenance costs of the rescue home have been lowered (no rental fee is paid anymore) but the daily expenses (food, clothes, hygienic equipment, regular medical examinations and if necessary emergency healthcare services, etc.) and the salary of the caretaker are still a huge financial burden on the budget. The costs and expenses amount to more than 300,000 HUF per month.

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Besides, there are other expenses incurring all the time. For example, now we need mosquito nets for all beds because malaria is a continuous threat for children. Besides, we would like that all children have their own container in lockable metal boxes. (In Kenya children in boarding schools do not have wardrobes but they keep their belongings – e.g. clothes, gifts from sponsors – a in lockable metal boxes.)


Unfortunately, currently there are problems to finance all the costs and needs of the Rescue Home, so we kindly ask all our friends, supporters and well-wishers to help us to maintain the Rescue Home and provide these needy kids with their every day necessities.


IMG_6059 s_GFIf you wish to help to maintain the Rescue home, you may give your donation in cash or with wire transfer alike.

If you wish to pay in cash, please call us at +36-30-708-4440 or send an email to [email protected].

If you choose bank transfer, please send it to VitaFutura Fund’s  bank account as indicated below. In the “comments” section please indicate the „AFREH” code and your name together with your tax code if possible, e.g. „AFREH John Doe 123456789”. Our bank account number:

MagNet Bank Zrt. 16200199-11526302


We are grateful for all donations no matter how small as every cent counts and helps us to save the kids from being turned out. Thanks a lot for your help.