Education, clear water, full belly…
Many African kids have none of them. You can change this.

Support us

AfRoho is VitaFutura Fund’s program in Africa.428_BCC_GF

Any natural or legal person may donate to the AfRoho program. If you want to support us, you may:

  • give donation in cash or through wire transfer,
  • volunteer in various projects,
  • donate services or assets that directly help to achieve our objectives.


Donation of funds


Direct payment or wire transfer to our bank account:

  • bank account number: 16200199-11526302 at Magnet bank
  • please indicate the code of the program (in case of general support: Afroho) and your name (if you transfer from someone else’s bank account) – together with your tax code, e.g. „Afroho John Doe 123456789” .

If you wish to support from abroad use our USD bank account:

  • MagNet Bank Zrt. 16200199-11531430
  • IBAN number: HU23 1620 0199 1153 1430 0000 0000
  • Swift code: HBWEHUHB

Via our PayPal account:

For bank transfers from abroad you will need the following information: 

  • IBAN: HU13 1620 0199 1152 6302 0000 0000
  • Swift: HBWEHUHB 

If you wish to support us as a legal entity, please contact us!


Advantages of donating funds

AfRoho program’s mother organization – VitaFutura Public Benefit Fund – is committed to support environment protection, rural areas and disadvantaged people while maintaining social and financial equal opportunities.

If you give financial donation we spend the money locally – in Kenya – with the below additional benefit:

  • we do not pollute the environment with transportation,
  • your money supports the local economy, enhances economic growth, creates jobs for parents and through taxes increases the education budget in Kenya thus improving these children’s quality of life.

In certain cases – besides financial donation – you may give tangible items as donation. While doing so, please observe environmental issues, e.g. you may donate second-hand or recycled items that are still in good condition. Such donation requests will be announced in a separate notification.


1% of your personal income tax


You may support our efforts with donating 1% of your personal income tax. Please indicate 18209974-1-41 as the beneficiary’s tax number in the relevant statement. More info >>


Possibilities for volunteers


If you can not afford to donate money but you agree with our objectives and would like to support us, be our volunteer!

  • Take part in our work by finding donators and help us to spread information about us! Visit our website, follow us on Facebook and disseminate our news and announcements among your friends! If you know people who want to learn more about and help Africa, speak about us!

If you want to be regularly informed on new volunteering opportunities, enroll here.